Destinations for day trips

Destinations for day trips




Distance to





Hess. Oldendorf

OT. Langenfeld


The Schillathöhle near Langenfeld is about 22 km

Car tour

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The Great Garden in Herrenhausen is one of the most important baroque gardens in Europe and is about 43 km away.

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To Bodenwerder about 35 km

back by ship to Hamelin


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Fahrgastschiffahrt Flotte Weser







Samtgemeinde Bodenwerder-Polle“.

Birdspark Walsrode

A very interesting park with

"Europe's largest flight show"
is about 114 km away.

Car tour Weltvogelpark

The largest leisure park in Northern Germany is 136 km away.

Car tour Heidepark


„Heide Park Resort“

Rühlerschweiz Via the Rühlerschweiz to Holzminden about 60 km back along the Weser river Car tour Rühle  
Zoo Hannover After the trade fair city of Hanover and a visit to the zoo, about 50 km Car tour



Süntelturm A hike to Süntelturm

about 4 km's worth it!
Hiking tour



 Hohenstein The hike via Süntelturm to Hohenstein is about 10 km long Hiking tour Hohenstein  


On Sundays, you can drive to the flee market barn in Mehle (about 25 km) 


Car tour


Heiko Redecker

Wiedfeldstrasse 8-10

31008 Elze (Mehle)

Tel. 05066 2663

Canoe, bicycle rental in Böbber (Bad Münder) Tours on the Weser river, etc. Div. possibilities

Geocaching, paddel Fahradtouren und Fahradverleih usw.

High rope course T-scooter, quad driving, archery etc., are possible in "Altenhagen", a City in about 8 km distance from Flegessen. Div.  possibilities Hochseilgarten  
Wiesentgehege About 19 km away from the holiday home in Flegessen, many animals live. Cycling Tour Wiesentgehege



Hamelin has a beautiful old town and the river promenade invites you to linger.

Cycling tour or car tour


 Externsteine The "Extern Stones" and the surroundings are ideal for hiking. Car tour Externsteine
Hämelschenburg This castle is one of the most important cultural monuments in Germany of the renaissance at the Weser river and is on the way to Bad Pyrmont, about 22 km away. Cycling tour or car tour Schloss Hämelschenburg  
 Bad Pyrmont One of the oldest baths in the world with a beautiful park is just 33 km away.  Car tour Kurpark Bad Pyrmont  
 Steinhudermeer with the "Wilhelmstein" island This is the largest lake in north-western Germany and is ideal for hiking, cycling and strolling. Distance 52 km  Car tour Steinhudermeer  
 Serengeti Park Your theme park with 1500 animals. Nature and adventure for the whole family about 96 km away.  Car tour  Serengeti  Park  
The City of Sababurg with Sleeping Beauty Castle

Zoo and jungle

This place has so much to offer and is reached after 102 km.

 Car tour